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RCS: a modular system …

moduli di Race Center Suite

The system is modular: that is, it is possible to buy and use only specific parts of it. The main components are:

  1. Core component (necessary): it contains the most used functions; permits to manage data, produce results list according to the type of competition and make the start lists
  2. Components of web management: it permits to change the system data (adding of competitors, time, scores) using a web application protected through username and password owned by administrators
  3. Windows-desktop component: it permits to change the system data (adding of competitors, time, scores) using a windows based application
  4. component tools (for developers): it contains tools (lists, tables) to make web applications including start lists, results, arrivals list). This component is specific for developers wanting to create their own web pages using RCS
  5. Pre-defined web pubblication component: it permits to show in the net (www or intranet) the results, the start lists, the live results of the competitions allowing to the audience also to follow the competition at home on their own pc. Thanks to the Replay! function it is possible to see the event in delayed time watching the results as along as the competition goes on (visit the section “Competitions” ). This component contains also the printer friendly functions, that is the possibility to print start lists, results,… in a simple, black and white way
  6. Components of access to the several data sources supported by RCS (database Access, SQl server, text files, xxml, …)
  7. Personalized components realized to gain access to different data sources (see next paragraphs)

An extendible system…

Rcs is extendible. You can create your own software or develop more modules that interconnect to the core components of Rcs. Call me for more information or to ask me to develop the connecting modules you need.

Race Center Suite is based on programming interfaces that allow you to create data source providers for your database (files, remote resources, RDBMS). If you already have a software to manage a race, you can create a connector and use Race Center Suite to publish the data on the web.

Today exists a connector for Origare and for Oribos.

Software components

Web Publishing module

Sport-Ident Data Transfert

Live Comments

Remote Live Connector